Discover the unique collection of handcrafted clothes in Bali.

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About the brand

Zua World began its story on the magical island of Bali, in the land of handicrafts, happy and talented people who worship the sun. It was there that the first ideas and inspirations awoke – which are the basis of our brand.

The Zua World collection focuses mainly on hand-made products from fabrics and raw materials created on this phenomenal island. We are characterized by a holiday boho style, and products signed with the Zua World brand refer to Balinese aesthetics. We offer original stylizations in a summer climate. The collection includes, among others, crochet and macramé products.

Zua World offers products made of string, as well as cotton and other local materials. Due to the fact that the Zua World collection includes mainly handmade products, there is no capability of mass production, which emphasizes the authenticity and originality of the brand.

With our offer, we want to reach people who like to stand out and those who value fashion in a different version than the one considered popular, mass, offered by chain stores.