Welcome to ZUA WORLD!

Our story begins on the beautiful, picturesque island of Bali. This is where the first inspirations, ideas and dreams have created.

Why Bali? Well, there is no other place on Earth, where the air smells like magic. There is also no island which is so soulful, but also stimulates the imagination and develops inspiration.

This is a land of handcrafts. Happy, talented people worshiping the cult of the sun. Without great expectations, false ambitions. It is also a place where no one is in a hurry and is not chasing anything.

The Balinese have unbelievable talent in their hands. They can create things in many different ways. In Zua World you will find unusual handmade jewelry made of string, shells and beads, as well as bikinis, dresses and other accessories made by crocheting. Everything made by hand, thread by thread.

Due to the fact that we are dealing with handmade products, there is no mass production here, which proves its authenticity and originality. We say a little war on the chains and we pamper those who like to stand out, have what others do not.